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KAI-ISPYT allows creating teaching algorithms for the group of users by the certaingcourse. Nowadays there are 2

  • Unlimited archive of users
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited tests and tasks
  • API
  • Branding system
  • 24/7 support

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Frequently Asked questions

Who are active users?
Active users are those who have constant access to the system or pass the training.
Can I carry an active user to the archive one?
Yes. You can add users to the archive. Also you can return the user from the archive to the active state.
What is an individual tariff plan?
An individual tariff plan gives you an opportunity of keeping unlimited number of users in the system. The user will pay for using at the end of the month. … An active user is the one who once or more times logged for the last 30 days. People who are in the archive, can not enter the system.
Who are archive users?
Archive users can be unlimited. Usually these are the users who have already been trained and no longer use the system. You have an option of moving them to the archive and they will not be shown in the list of people in your plan. So the system analyzes the attendance of users and suggests those who could be moved to the archive. The user can always return to the active state.
Are tariff plans limited only on the number of users?
Yes, they are. The tariff plans make limitation only …You can always move the user from the archive… Tariff plans also put a limit on the number of people in video-conference room.
Can I change plans or cancel anytime?
Yes, you can change the tariff plan or remove your system anytime.